Natalie Robins

The Girl Who Died Twice: The Libby Zion Case and the Hidden Hazards of Hospitals

"A devastating expose of how modern teaching hospitals work."
--Journal of the American Medical Association

"Robins lands squarely on a most interesting question: How can we balance the need of young physicians to assume responsibility for patients against the need of patients to have experienced doctors?.... The Girl Who Died Twice is a thorough recounting of the Libby Zion story...."
--The New England Journal of Medicine

"A balanced, informative and highly readable account, and a valuable insight into American medical education and practice..."
--The Lancet

"Troubling... Thoroughly researched and expertly told."
--Library Journal

"Conscientiously balanced... Written with admirable thoroughness."
--Francine Prose, Newsday

"Carefully researched and finely crafted."
--The Nation

Selected Works

A social history of the 150-year battle between conventional and alternative medicine in America
"Investigative journalism at its best. A superb account of a case that, 'after a century of tradition,' began to change medical education... A serious study and a page-turner... Dazzling."
Susan Garrett, The Washington Post
"Utterly absorbing and superbly researched... Anyone interested in the FBI's decades-long war against the American writer... owes Natalie Robins an enormous debt of gratitude."

--Henry Louis Gates, Jr., New York Newsday
"A fascinating contemporary morality tale, from vivid real life."
–John Fowles

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